Is GTA V Coming To PS4?

GtaVCardive The majority of us grow more impatient waiting for GTA V with each passing second regardless of how near the release date is in reality. Some though, just cannot wait for the street release date and instead acquire the game through more dastardly methods (piracy) or just get insanely lucky finding some mom and pop store selling the game early. Those that opt for the piracy route however, also have a strange moral obligation to hack the disc's contents and search every nook and cranny of it for juicy information regarding deleted content, DLC, or in this case, news about the future of GTA V. Found within the disc's files are this; some peculiar evidence that GTA V may be receiving a port treatment to the upcoming PS4 or was planned to at one point. 9376eee7 8823 4a24 A08f 542b723bde28 Zpsf7d15610 Obviously no one in their right mind is going to go cancel their PS3 preorder; there's just no public information regarding this finding to further solidify it. Furthermore, it wouldn't be releasing on September 17th or even in November with the PS4 anyway. For all we know, GTA V on PS4 was at once a plan that just never came to fruition with this file acting as the only remaining trace of its existence. We just have to sit back and wait for Rockstar to comment on the finding for the truth. A larger image can be viewed here- Meanwhile, US and UK gamers can play GTA V for PS3 and 360 this Tuesday, September 17th.
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