Jedi: Fallen Order 2 Could Be EA’s FINAL Star Wars Game

Sorry, Battlefront fans. This isn't going to be easy...

Star Wars Battlefront 2

As is fitting considering it's May 4th, insider reports have outlined EA's plans for its Star Wars gaming universe over the coming years. Having recently moved the support team for Battlefront 2 onto the next Battlefield game, fans have been wondering when they'll see more from the franchise. Sadly, according to one leak from Bespin Bulletin, it could be a long, long while.

The main crux of the issue seems to be that EA's deal with Disney for exclusive rights to the IP is up in 2023, and will need to be renegotiated. While there is a chance the two companies will continue the relationship, EA doesn't want to rush out a new Battlefront game before the end of 2022, especially when they currently have the full team at DICE hard at work on the next Battlefield, which they want to be a huge return to form.

SW fans shouldn't entirely hang their head in sorrow though, as the post did confirm that EA has two more games planned before the deal needs to be renewed. Project Maverick - described as a Star Wars flight simulator here - and Jedi: Fallen Order 2, will both drop before the deal is up.


However, even if EA and Disney do come to an agreement, the publisher won't be putting any more Star Wars games into development until it's in place, meaning Battlefront might not return for a long, long time.

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