John Cena To Star In Duke Nukem Movie?!

Hail to the champ.

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Just when you think this world of nuclear threats and celebrity scandals couldn't get any weirder, none other than John Cena is in talks to be Duke freakin' Nukem.

Y'know... the character who hasn't been relevant in 20 years, only worked as a pastiche of late 80s/90s action tropes, and has aged like a flea-bitten carcass? Yeah, him.

Last seen in Duke Nukem Forever - a game that limped out of development after having been passed between multiple studios, only to still be a complete tire fire - it's fair to say that many a gamers' opinion of the Duke is way more sour than that of the wider populace.


Because in honesty, even looking at the fan-made image above, it does give me hope.

There IS a way to do this as a throwback parody of all the aforementioned tropes and scenarios we associate with action cinema - kinda like a blend of John Carpenter's They Live and your average Hollywood blockbuster. Right now all we have is Cena being "in talks" to pick up the role - it's over to Paramount to assign a writer and director.


Could you see the otherwise well-meaning John Cena in a role based on crass comedy, sexist overtones and overblown violence? Let us know in the comments.

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