Jurassic Park: 5 Best Video Games (And 5 That Sucked)

From the exciting to the extinct.

Jurassic park

Since Jurassic Park hit cinemas in 1993, we've had 20 years of toys, trinkets, apparel, theme park rides and - in total - four main movies, all of differing quality.

In the gaming world, many developers have taken a run-up at the license - big boys in the industry include Ocean, Bluesky Software and DreamWorks Interactive - and over the years we've seen attempts in the platformer, fighting, puzzle, park sim and RPG genres, to name but a few. Recently, the license has also been used to create addictive and profitable phone and tablet games. Life indeed finds a way.

But, like the movies, not all of the games have been worth playing, and out of the thirty-five video game tie-ins that have stomped out over the years, some have been an absolute blast, while others have been a towering, fly-circled pile of dino dung.

In this list, the very best and worst JP games have been plucked from the archives, carefully dusted off and given a reappraisal. Let us know your own favourites in the comments below.


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