Killer Instinct: New Character Revealed

Multiplayer1 A 14 second YouTube video released on Tuesday shows a brand new character has been added to the Killer Instinct roster. Double Helix have claimed the female fighter is named Sadira, though some fans of the franchise believe it is established KI favourite B. Orchid in disguise. However, there seems to be little evidence for this fanboy theory, given there is no resemblance between the two characters and it would not make sense for the marketers to pretend a wanted character was not in the game. With an appearance very similar in style to something one might find in Mortal Kombat, Sadira is surprisingly sinister looking in comparison to the other characters in the franchise (.e.g. the giant blue were-wolf). Her movements combat system seem to be based on the behaviour of arachnids, with the trailer showing use of numerous web based attacks to batter her opponents into submission and fluid, majestically creepy movements that make every step look like part of some teratoid dance of death. Killer Instinct is a 'free-to-play' game that will be exclusively available on the Xbox One. Only one playable character is available upon first getting the game and if you want any more it will either cost you $5 per fighter or $20 for all eight. A further option is also available, where you can pay $40 and get all eight characters, accessory packs, costumes, and the original KI game in arcade form. No characters can be unlocked simply by playing the game and completing levels. Are you excited about Killer Instinct, or are you put off by its less than admirable 'free-to-play' system? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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