Kinect STAR WARS & Themed Console Delayed

Microsoft delay game and console to 2012 because they want them to reach their "full potential".

delay of Kinect Star Wars, which is kind of weird considering the game never actually had an official release date. The game was schedueled to be released "Holiday 2011" but has been pushed back to 2012 because according to Microsoft they want the game to reach it's "full potential". The Star Wars Themed Console was also delayed, presumably because the system was to be sold with the Star Wars Kinect game, which to me seems ludicrous not to release the console because the game is not yet finished. People are not buying a new system to get the Kinect game, they just want the Star Wars console. Was anyone planning to buy the Star Wars Themed Console, because I don't know a lot of people who were excited for the Star Wars Kinect game?

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