King of Fighters XIII: Atlus Release Six Brand New Character Videos

As part of an on-going marketing campaign, Atlus unveil six more brand new videos of their adrenaline inducing Beat-em up in action.

Atlus have very recently released six more videos of K.O.F XIII in action. This time the limelight is on the fighters from both Team Art of Fighting (Takuma, Ryo and Robert) and Team Yagami (Vice, Mature and Iori). As with the previous characters showcases, we get to see their range of special moves, including the new NEO MAX moves (which one can assume is the King of Fighters equivalent to the Ultra Max Combo from the Street Fighter series). These videos are part of an on-going marketing campaign designed to introduce players to the 30+ playable characters and they represent the most exciting batch yet, thanks to the triumphant return of series favourite Vice. Check out the videos below, courtesy of Atlus and SNK Playmore and brought to you by WhatCulture! As always, keep checking back for more updates. Team Art of Fighting: Robert

Team Art of Fighting: Ryo

Team Art of Fighting: Takuma

Team Yagami: Iori

Team Yagami: Mature

Team Yagami: Vice King of Fighters XIII is released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on the 25th November in the UK (22nd in the US). Selected pre-orders come with an exclusive 4-CD K.O.F Soundtrack compilation.

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