King of Fighters XIII Official Gameplay Trailer

Atlus give us a quick peek at what's in store for Beat-em up fanatics this November.

With less than a month to go until Atlus/SNK Playmore's thirteenth instalment of their frenetic beat-em up franchise hits the shelves, WhatCulture! brings you King of Fighters XIII's first official gameplay trailer. With its display of lusciously rendered character models, striking combat stages and characteristic beat-em up hair metal riffage, it's certainly candy for the senses but does it grab and hold your attention? SNK have promised a considerable improvement on their last HD offering, which they further assure us will begat a much more gratifying game-play experience all round. Well, they're hardly going to say otherwise, so why not see for yourself? Check out the official King of Fighters XIII Gameplay trailer below; its colourful; it's furious; it's zany and it may just threaten to cause seizures: K.O.F XIII is out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on the 25th November in the UK (22nd in the US). Selected pre-orders come with an exclusive 4-CD Soundtrack compilation, with music spanning the entire franchise. Watch this space; we€™ll be bringing fresh updates to you as they happen.

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