Kingdom Hearts 3: 10 Iconic Character Summons We'd Love To See

Who should be there to help Sora in his final adventure?

Kingdom Hearts 3
Square Enix

Despite being an integral part of gameplay, we still haven't seen anything of summons in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Recently, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that summons will definitely feature in Kingdom Hearts 3 in a big way, stating that the way they have been included is "more pretty". Whilst it's unknown what exactly that means right now, we at least have definitive proof that Sora will be able to once again call upon the help of other Disney characters.

That brings to mind plenty of speculation on what summons will actually be available in the final game. Previously, summons have often been used to represent characters who didn't get the chance to have their own world, such as how Mulan's Mushu was a summon in the first Kingdom Hearts before making a fully fledged appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2.

This leaves plenty of room for certain franchises and properties to be represented through summons, rather than having their own world completely. There are so many great candidates for summons in the series, but here are the ten that we'd love to see most.


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