Kingdom Hearts 3: 10 Major Reveals From D23 2018

Our best look yet at all things Kingdom Hearts 3.

Square Enix

February 9th's Kingdom Hearts event at D23 Japan gave fans what is easily our best look ever at Kingdom Hearts 3 yet.

Considering last year's D23 only revealed a small amount of things to the public, many people weren't expecting to learn anything at all about Kingdom Hearts 3. Going against all expectations, Square Enix not only gave us one big trailer, they actually gave us two.

Both trailers provide a look at the clearly nearly-complete Kingdom Hearts 3, with some vastly improved graphics and a range of features that have never been seen before.

Considering that early trailers for the game showed a plastic-looking Sora and didn't even feature working health bars, it's pretty amazing to see how far Square Enix have come in just a few years.

Although one trailer is a lot bigger than the other, both have plenty of details to dissect, and both reveal some pretty massive details to patient Kingdom Hearts fans (because man, it has been a long wait). Let's hope that the next trailer for the game can give us even a small amount of the same greatness D23 did.


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