Kingdom Hearts 3: 10 Worlds Fans DON'T Want To See

Marvel needs to take a step back on this one.

Square Enix/Marvel

One of the most exciting aspects of any Kingdom Hearts game is the discussion on which worlds will be making an appearance.

This tradition has gone on for as long as the games have. Disney has so many properties and films under its belt that even nine games in, there are still plenty of franchises that haven't been used yet.

Kingdom Hearts 3 looks set to rectify this by having plenty of brand new locations like Monster's Inc, Frozen and Toy Story, but what about the worlds that fans don't want to see?

This topic is much less discussed, but no less important than what worlds should be included. Square Enix have an extremely careful procedure for picking out worlds, but they don't always get the best ones, with duds like Atlantica and Deep Jungle sticking out to any Kingdom Hearts fan.

With Kingdom Hearts 3 being the next big game in the franchise, we don't want to see Square including worlds that shouldn't be in it when there are so many that should.

There are plenty of Disney properties that shouldn't be playable in Kingdom Hearts 3, whether it be because of a lack of interest, a potential for redundancy or just plain not fitting in. These ten worlds are prime examples of this.


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