Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix: 10 Things It MUST Add

10. New Keyblades


Kingdom Hearts 3 made a big change to the way that Keyblades work compared to the rest of the series. As great as it was, I can't help but feel there wasn't enough done overall.

In the older games, each Keyblade had different stats and looked different, but that was about it. Kingdom Hearts 3 introduces Keyblade Transformations that make each Keyblade really distinct from one another.

Take the Favourite Deputy for example, which transforms into both a hammer and a drill. It means that choosing a loadout for Keyblades is actually based on more than just their stats.

Despite this, there are only two original Keyblades in the whole game, and 9 Disney-based Keyblades. This is pretty small compared to other games, and the roster is notably missing some fan-favourites such as Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

A Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 3 definitely needs to fix this.

Some of the Keyblades also need to be given their own transformation, as some are just copied other from others, which to be honest, after such a long wait, feels a bit lazy.


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