Kingdom Hearts 4: 12 Disney & Pixar Worlds We Want To See

From the Land of the Dead to the bayous of New Orleans, what's next?


Earlier this year, Kingdom Hearts III brought an end to a wait that often felt like an eternity for fans.

In wrapping up the Xehanort saga, the sequel brought the first big era of the franchise to a close, while leaving numerous doors open for where it can go next. Whether that's in the form of a proper Kingdom Hearts 4 or a stepping stone game on the way though, remains to be seen.

Of course, one of the biggest ongoing draws about the franchise has been its usage of Disney properties, and the third game took us to new worlds based on popular franchises like Frozen, Tangled, Toy Story, Big Hero 6 and Monster's Inc. Even with all those new inclusions though, there's still a vast pool of Disney/Pixar history to pull from - many of which would be perfect fits for the next game in the series.

Setting aside stuff like Star Wars and Marvel - that's a conversation for another day - let's take a look at 12 films from Disney and Pixar that would fit right into the quirky universe of Kingdom Hearts.


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