Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC - 5 Questions Left Unanswered

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind answered a lot of questions, but not the ones fans were expecting.

Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts III concluded the Xehanort saga but in typical Tetsuya Nomura style, it ended with fans having more questions than answers.

It seemed like more was intended for the base game and Re:Mind promised to shed light on the shocking ending which saw Sora disappear after rescuing childhood friend Kairi.

Many details were shared throughout the expansion such as how Ventus was reunited with Chirithy or how Lingering Will appeared to help fight against Terra-Xehanort in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Despite these questions being answered, a lot more new content was added.

This sent fans into a meltdown, as they frantically tried to unpack the myriad questions left untouched.

Begrudgingly, the ones accounted for were some that should have been answered in Kingdom Hearts III but ultimately do not aid fans in predicting the next chain of events.

Given that Nomura favours a smoke and mirrors style with storytelling, the tidbits on offer in Re:Mind do leave some room for speculation.

Considering Kingdom Hearts' track record with convoluted narratives, it isn't all too surprising to see so many left pondering what comes next in the series.


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