Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC - 5 Questions Left Unanswered

4. Could Kairi Have A Game Based In The Sleeping Worlds?

Square Enix

In true Kingdom Hearts fashion, the latest instalment once again separates Sora from Kairi while setting up future narratives.

For the first time ever, Re:Mind enabled players to don the role of the heroine in the final battle against Armoured Xehanort and experience her power first-hand.

At long last she had finally been promoted up from a side character - merely hinted at possessing great skill - and it allowed her to flourish in her own right.

Her endeavours didn't end there, as fans learn in the ending segment of the expansion.

Kairi has entered a state akin to deep sleep while Ienzo (formerly Zexion in Organisation XIII) analyses her brain for any traces on where the protagonists might find Sora.

This scene has paved the way for her own adventures and given the Sleeping Worlds have been a prominent concept in the past, her own story based in them is not entirely outside of the realms of possibility.


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