Konami Finally Break Silence On New Silent Hill Development

Silent Hill is returning, but... oh, Konami, you're just the worst.

First it was the existence of the letters P.T. in Konami's new demo for Metal Gear Solid V, whipping up fans' expectations into thinking a development in the whole 'Silent Hills/P.T.' fiasco from last year was on the way sooner, rather than later. Well it is... but in the form of a pachinko (slot) machine. Because that's what you all wanted, right? A beloved franchise converted into a soulless money-maker? The really terrible part is the trailer includes gameplay footage interspersed with shots of the machine itself, as if its all something to be excited about. For the first 20 seconds or so you're treated to what looks like Silent Hill 1/2 characters once again coming together, as that theme plays in the background - only for some cheesy as hell guitar to kick in, and the machine itself to pop into view. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ht4dbyPIcM This seems like the beginning of the end for the company in terms of respecting gamers' wishes, and although the monetary side of Konami is ticking over nicely when it comes to gambling machines across Japan, many reports have emerged that illustrate them pushing an increasingly worrying agenda when it comes to their own employees. Following this trailer it's clear they're going to try their hardest to transfer any love you have for your favourite properties into coins for random payout generators. It might be great for business, but the timing for all of this is going to leave one hell of a bad taste many fans will never wash away. Farewell Konami, you had a great run. What do you make of their business dealings, teasing P.T. in the MGS Gamescom demo and then following it up with this? Let us know in the comments!
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