L.A. NOIRE Developer Team Bondi Shuts Down

Which means he probably won't be getting a sequel to this year's awesome gangster hit.

official today that Team Bondi the creators of L.A. Noire have been put into administration. There had been rumors for some time now that the developer was in trouble after allegations of poor working conditions and with Rockstar announcing that they would not be publishing Team Bondi's next game. In the report "documents filed with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission indicate Team Bondi went into external administration on August 30". Unfortunately the deal for the next Team Bondi game fell through and the remaining employees "have been folded into KMM and its Dr D Studio division and that they are currently assisting with Happy Feet Two." It looks like we will not be getting a sequel to L.A. Noire, which to me is a big disappointment because I loved the first game even with all it's flaws. Not to mention generally games make their biggest jump in quality from the first game to the second. Is anyone else disappointed like I am over this development, or were you not a fan of L.A. Noire anyway?


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