League of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Analysis: Week 2

league-of-legends The first week of the North American LCS Summer Split brought some great matches, but week two saw its own share of amazing plays. Week two brought eight new matches and two for each professional team.There were two major highlights of the week. The first took place on Thursday when TSM Snapdragon AD carry WildTurtle, using Caitlyn, sniped fellow opposing Velocity eSports AD carry Maplestreet from across the map. The other happened on Friday when Team Vulcun support BloodWater stole the Baron Nashor buff with a rank one Janna tornado against Cloud Nine. Both of these plays left many viewers, including the commentators, in awe. Week two gave some teams a boost and made other teams casualties of war.

1. Cloud Nine (6-1)

Cloud Nine Despite suffering their first loss to Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud Nine still stands atop the leader boards at the end of week two with a 6-1 record. Cloud Nine surprised many North American LCS fans when they lost to Counter Logic Gaming, but it probably happened because Cloud Nine was not used to longer games. They turned it around against a very competitive Team Vulcun, which was another 40+ minute game. They went 1-1 for the week, and with other teams from the bottom last week rising up, they continue to hold a two game lead over a very large middle pack. The individual performances were fairly good overall. Top lane player Balls made a lukewarm performance as Kennen in their loss against Counter Logic Gaming, going 1/3/3, but redeemed himself with a good 3/2/7 performance as Rumble against Team Vulcun. Mid laner Hai struggled against Counter Logic Gaming using Zed, but also came back with a vengeance against Team Vulcun, going 7/3/4 on mid Kennen. Jungler Meteos had a rough week over, only scoring one kill in two games as Lee Sin and Zac. Counter Logic Gaming and Team Vulcun both did a great job countering Meteos, although he did gain nine assists in the second game. AD carry Sneaky struggled against Counter Logic Gaming, but improved his performance against Team Vulcun, going 3/0/7. Support LemonNation played characteristic of a good support, keeping everything well warded. You cannot count on him for huge plays, but he is certainly one of the most dependable supports in the LCS.

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