League Of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Analysis: Week 6

league-of-legendsBefore I go on with my usual post, I want to remind all North American LCS fans how much pressure these players have to push through on a daily basis. After watching the LCS and plenty of solo queues from various streams, it takes dedication, time, and self-improvement to become a professional gamer. Whether you are a fan of Cloud Nine or of Velocity eSports, all of these players are amazing at what they do. I don't critique their performances because I think I am better than any of them (I'm Silver V, no way could I lane against anyone here). I critique all of the performances because I am a fan of the sport, the game, and every single one of these unbelievable players, even if my criticism is a bit harsh at times. Week six brought a bunch of new story lines to the table. Cloud Nine and Team Vulcun continue to dominate the LCS, while teams that were on the bottom, such as Velocity eSports, began to make their slow climb out of the gutter. Each team played two hard-fought games this week, as there is now a definitive top two and a massive blob of teams in the middle of the pack. With Team Dignitas, TSM Snapdragon, and Counter Logic Gaming tied for third at 8-9 and Team Coast and Team Curse on their heels at 7-10, it is unknown who will hold the #3 seed in the North American LCS playoffs. The week saw some extremely unorthodox picks and surprising runaway victories.

1. Cloud Nine (15-2)

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine once again won both of their games during Week 6, making them the only team currently exempt from a season record of .5 or under. Cloud Nine's extreme engage and disengage composition continues to dominate the composition with AD carry Ashe and support Zyra. This week, Cloud Nine put the stomp on TSM Snapdragon in their first game and beat Team Curse in the second game. Both of these games were finished within their usual thirty minute time limit. It goes to show that when this team gets off to a good start, they can snowball it all the way to victory in a very short time. Top lane player Balls was the only player on the team to play a different champion in each game. It paid off as he was named the MVP of the week by Riot. Balls dominated TSM Snapdragon with a 5/0/8 performance on Rumble, and he followed it up with a close to perfect 8/5/7 game on Karthus against Team Curse. Mid lane player Hai put up two good performances as Zed, assassinating his way to a 4/2/7 KDA in both games (not kidding). Jungler Meteos continues to draw attention to the Nasus jungle, since everyone bans Zac against him for good reason. He went 8/3/22 on Nasus for the week and continues to prove why he is one of the top junglers in North America. AD carry Sneaky made two decent performances as Ashe, going 7/4/18 on the week. Support LemonNation ended up with 4 kills in their game against Team Curse, and he ended his week with a positive KDA on Zyra, going 5/1/22.

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