League Of Legends North American LCS Summer Split Week 5 Analysis

league-of-legends To this point in the season, fifteen games have been played by all eight North American LCS teams. Cloud Nine extended their lead this week over the rest of the teams, while others, like Velocity eSports, fell further behind. There is a definitive top three currently, but nipping at the heels of third place team Counter Logic Gaming are three other "middle of the pack" teams that are only one game behind.

After an extremely interesting week of League of Legends play, it is safe to say that none of the top teams are completely safe yet. Although the season is over halfway finished, the fight for top seeds in LCS playoffs is just beginning.

1. Cloud Nine (13-2)

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine extended upon their lead from a two game to a three game lead over second place. It is safe to say that they are the team to beat. They went 3-0 this week, with an unbelievable comeback victory over Team Vulcun, a much more decisive victory of Counter Logic Gaming, and a very convincing victory over Velocity eSports. All of their players are top notch and are at, or near, the top of their position in the NA LCS. If this trend of winning continues, I have no doubt they will end up competing in the world championships. They sure look like champions already. Top lane player Balls had one of the best weeks out of any top laner in the North American LCS this entire split. He made extraordinary plays, and his KDA for the week was 19/7/16. In all three games, he played three different champions (Rumble 8/1/5 versus Counter Logic Gaming, Ryze 6/5/7 versus Team Vulcun, and Kennen 5/1/4 against Velocity eSports). He also never contributed more deaths than kills. He stepped up big time for his team this week. Mid lane player Hai made his presence known, especially against Team Vulcun, going 6/5/8 on Zed. Jungler Meteos showed why he is considered the best in North America right now with a 3/0/8 performance on Nasus against CLG and a 3/1/11 performance on Lee Sin against Velocity. He also drew a Zac ban in every one of those games due to his past performances with him. AD carry Sneaky performed well as Ashe twice this week, going 10/4/16 with her against CLG and Team Vulcun. Support LemonNation played at the level of the rest of his time, including racking up four kills as Thresh against Velocity. Only BloodWater has more kills in a game for a support.

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