Legendary Tag-Team Rumoured For WWE 2K23

Recent contractual news hints at a video game return for these old WWE favourites.

The Steiner Brothers Rick Scott WWE Hall Of Fame 2022

The Steiner Brothers could be playable characters in the upcoming WWE 2K23 video game.

PWInsider has already reported that Rick and Scott are currently on legends deals with the company. Of course, those contracts allow WWE to use a wrestler's likeness. This, in turn, would let 2K stick The Steiners on the roster for 2K23.

The famous brother tag-team hasn't exactly been a regular on-disc during the 2K days. In fact, there was a period when Scott appearing in one of these games would've seemed impossible. He was blacklisted for WWE's 2015 Hall Of Fame ceremony due to fears he'd show up and cause disruption behind the scenes.


Meanwhile, Rick has made some more TV appearances alongside his son Bron Breakker on NXT. Scott hasn't been spotted since the 2022 Hall Of Fame though.

Some fans on social media are using PWInsider's report on dual legends deal to get excited about a possible spot on 2K23's roster. That's fair, because there's certainly nothing stopping 2K from using the brothers as legends in the game.


Matching The Steiners up against modern favourites like The Usos would be a real treat.

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