LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes: Have Traveller's Tale Done It Again?

LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes may not have many new moves to get our pulses racing but what it does bring to the table is a solid Macarena of gaming... fun, silly and something for everyone.

With the release of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes almost upon us (due out Friday 22nd June incase you didn't know), there are reviews flying around from all the lucky people that have had the opportunity get their hands on the soon to be newest edition to the LEGO family. From the sounds of things Traveller's Tales seem to have created a hit again. Here we will give you a round up of what 5 of the top online reviewers have had to say about it... Game Informer
"Traveller€™s Tales took some chances with Lego Batman 2. The addition of spoken dialogue paid off well, and I hope it becomes a standard for all of this developer€™s games moving forward. Transferring the classic Lego gameplay into a vast overworld is also a success, but the redundancy in secret solutions in this play space hurts the experience, almost turning it into a mundane collect-a-thon. Thankfully, the classic Lego gameplay dominates the main game, making Lego Batman 2 another goofy brick-building blast to play."
"Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes isn't groundbreaking but it is consistently fun, and while it might not take top honours for best Batman game of all time (that belt is still held by Batman: Arkham City), it's easily the best Lego game we've seen in years."
"It€™s Traveller€™s Tales clear love for the brand where DC Super Heroes comes alive. Watching Flash sprint faster than a car, Superman glide through the skies, or hearing the Danny Elfman theme blare as Batman keeps watch means this a fine homage as much as it is a very decent entry within the series. Lego Batman 2€™s open world is the game€™s shining light, and even the more standard sections prove to be entertaining. It€™s what the original always should€™ve been."
"Friends and families fresh off any Lego game in the past decade will be at home here. Puzzles are reassuringly familiar: you'll hold a button and watch structures rebuild before your eyes, or double jump across a chasm, or use Batman's grapple hook to swing and zoom. It's the definition of undemanding, even mild peril offset by the fact death lasts half a second and sees you exploding into brightly coloured studs with a satisfying tumble. In the end, then, it's a Lego game as you've come to expect - not deep, demanding or particularly complex, but applying charm with Kryptonite effectiveness through dozens of fully playable, fully voiced superheroes and a puzzle-packed open world."
"LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is a collector's paradise. You have to play through the game to get studs to unlock characters to go back to old levels and access different areas to collect more secrets. I polished off the story in about nine hours, but I spent the next 11 chasing down bricks and characters -- and I'm still not done. The open world stuff could use some tweaks, but the little stumbles don't stop LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes from being a great game."
So there we have it folks, the internet has spoken. LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes may not have many new moves to get our pulses racing but what it does bring to the table is a solid Macarena of gaming... fun, silly and something for everyone. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes will be available for purchase on Friday 22nd June. Be there or be....LEGO shaped.
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