LEGO The Lord of the Rings: They Can Talk?!

TT Games' latest LEGO video game could be featuring voices for the first time - but is that a good idea?

The Lego Lord of the Rings video game trailer has been released earlier this week and the people at TT Games have given us a bit of a surprise. The trailer suggests that there€™s going to be one major difference between the latest episode of the franchise and its predecessors... THE LITTLE YELLOW GUYS CAN TALK! Here's the trailer for "proof"... Obviously, the trailer's audio has been ported in from the film itself, but it is the first time TT Games have chosen to use voices in the trailer, and the suggestion is that they may also do the same thing with the game. For some reason this is something that doesn€™t sit well with me (provided the trailer is indicating that the game will feature voices), and other gamers if the forums are anything to go by. I just can€™t see how it would add to the LEGO LOTR experience. Part of the reason that the LEGO series has been so popular is that is has a simplicity that appeals to gamers of all ages. There is a universal attraction as you don€™t necessarily need to know anything about the movies to play and you aren€™t feeling left out of games narrative by inside jokes or phrases from the film. There has also had to be major effort put into each of the characters mannerisms so that you still get the feeling for their personalities. This could be in the form of a swagger from an overly confident hero, or a raising of an eyebrow from a particularly sarcastic villain. I€™m hoping that with the addition of voices (if it indeed happens in the game) the makers of the LEGO video games aren€™t going to allow these aspects to be overlooked. Not only that, I feel, that the fact the players can€™t talk adds a certain humour to the games, as every feeling or interaction wanting to be conveyed to us has got to be done with a funny little gesture through the TV. I make no secret about the fact that I love the LEGO video game series, and I€™m hoping that I€™m wrong about this and that I still enjoy the gameplay just as much. It may even add a dimension to the characters that I didn€™t know was lacking in the previous games. How do you feel about this added feature? Do you think it€™s going to be a hit or a miss? Let us know below. You can follow all of our coverage of LEGO The Lord of the Rings by heading over to the hub page here.
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