Little Big Planet Karting Screens Released

Some new screenshots for United Front Games' Little Big Planet Karting have finally been released.

Shack News, Little Big Planet Karting "isn't different at all" from their previous customisable racing game, ModNation Racers. "Racing is identical across both games," the website claims, "from the sense of speed, to car handling, to drifting. Replace the Mods with Sackboys, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect." The racing and controls of the game may not feel all that new to any of you who have actually played ModNation Racers, Little Big Planet Karting does offer a lot more in terms of creation and customisation, because it uses the Popit system from the original Little Big Planet games. As well as the expected track and cart customisation, this particular title also allows for the creation of entirely new weapons, using the in game toolset. "If you don't like the weapons that ship with the game, you can alter them. You can alter their behavior, their look, the frequency of those weapons," design director William Ho told Shack News. "You can even make your own entirely custom weapons using the objects that we ship with the game." The level of customisation available in this game does seem very nice indeed, as you can also alter the AI to suit you. I like the look of this, although I am not someone who has played the original Little Big Planet games, I do like the level of personalisation available here.

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