Madden 16: 10 Brand New Features You Must See

10. Increased Realism

Like with any sports game, realism is the fundamental basis for everything that needs to be dropped into it. Why does the tackling system need to be improved? To make it more realistic. Why does the quarterback mechanics need adjusting? To make it more realistic. Why do the graphics need to be more than 8-bit clumps of pixels? To make it more realistic. EA have really pushed the atmosphere up a notch in their more recent games, and Madden 16 has also received some treatment in that department. The changes may be minuscule, but added together, the subtle additions add to the feel of the game. Madden 16 sees the inclusion of some personalised crowds, including the Pittsburgh Steelers waving their famous 'terrible towels'. It's not game-changing, but things like that add personality to the pixels.

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