Madden 20: 7 Biggest Changes You Need To Know

Are all these changes enough to get you hyped for EA's latest NFL feast?

Madden 20
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We already know that Kansas City Chiefs golden boy (and 2018 MVP) Patrick Mahomes will grace the cover art on all editions of Madden 20. He's a shrewd choice, even if Cleveland Browns hotshot QB Baker Mayfield, Giants sensational RB Saquon Barkley or the ever-dependable Tom Brady could've also been in the running as choices; less so for Brady, if only because well, fresh blood was needed.

Let that fresh blood run free across the board, say EA Sports.

This year's Madden isn't looking to reinvent the wheel, but it does boast some delectable gameplay and feature set changes that will feel overdue to series veterans or sensible to newcomers. There's more of an emphasis on recreating college grassroots culture in 20. Even better, that doesn't come at the expense of bloated NFL megastardom or multi-million dollar contracts elsewhere.

On the field, EA are focusing on simulation elements more than they have in recent titles. Although that'll be bothersome to those who like OTT moments during every play, there's little denying it'll add to the realism of each game.

Here are all the changes you should know about before buying...

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