Madden 20: 8 Things We Already Know

Enhanced playbooks, college rags-to-riches, Franchise updates and tons more...

Madden 20
EA Sports

Our Madden 20 rumours article drooled over the thought of new mechanics and, most importantly, a 'Campaign Mode' that'd sack Longshot's linear narrative before it gained any more yardage. Freedom, we cried, was the way forward, and it seems EA Sports were listening to fan requests for a living, breathing football world. Madden's new 'Face Of The Franchise' single-player story looks ludicrously fun.

All the details on that, and everything else Madden, are here.

This is a big year for EA. The NFL will start to celebrate 100 seasons of glorious, glorious football when the Green Bay Packers kick off against the Chicago Bears on 5 September in Illinois, and it's important that Madden's annual release lives up to the hype. We've seen 'NFL 100' branded jerseys in tantalising screenshots, but it'll take more than that for gamers to lose their sh*t over the 33rd edition of the long-running series.

Good news: EA are doing everything they can to make it special, and pre-release talk is very promising. The bad news? Well, they've only had a year to work on it, so Madden 20 isn't going to reinvent the wheel gameplay-wise. There are some significant tweaks that'll ease old pains though....


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