Madden 20: 8 Tips To Play Like A Boss

Skill moves, RPOs, Jet Sweeps, the importance of Superstars and more...

When reviewing Madden 20, it was hard not to notice how much emphasis has been placed on the running game this year. The same goes for highlighting the NFL's best players. Try to throw deep routes with the worst QBs in the game on every play, and you won't have nearly as much success as you will by using some of the position's biggest Superstars.

That makes sense, but through all the tweaks to physics, sacking, pass inceptions and X-Factor skills, it's still not easy to win game after game on Madden. Your first few attempts will be met with frustrating defensive blocks that spoil your passing plans, and more than a few hair-tearing moments as AI players storm up the field in three plays for an easy touchdown.

That's where these handy tips come in, well...handy.

This list aims to up your chances of flying through Franchise towards Super Bowl glory or hanging in tough games against some of MUT's finest. There's a deep dive on some of the game's new mechanics, a reminder that it's only a game (hardcore players will just love that one) and a cool way to exploit human players.

Time to go to school...

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