Mark Strong Talks Lending His Voice To WARHAMMER 40000: SPACE MARINE

Hollywood actor Strong gives voice to protagonist Captain Titus in the upcoming release of THQ's Warhammer FPS...

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the brand new Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine playable demo on Xbox live today and on PSN tomorrow, THQ have released the following interview featuring actor Mark Strong (Kick-Ass, Robin Hood, Body of Lies and Sherlock Holmes), who voices main character €˜Captain Titus' in Space Marine. The game already looks great, and the addition of Mark Strong's recognisable tones seems to have been a perfect choice for protagonist Titus, despite the fact that the actor seems to only play villains these days in his film work.
About Space Marine When wave after wave of savage ORKS descend upon the Forge World GRAIA, it is up to humanity€™s greatest warriors to win the planet back. They are SPACE MARINES, genetically modified, encased in hallowed armor, the equivalent of one hundred lesser men. They live only to defend the Imperium, and to slay its enemies in a war that never ends. CAPTAIN TITUS, along with his comrades LEANDROS and SIDONUS, lead a detachment of these Space Marines onto the Forge World. There, they quickly discover that the fight against the Orks is not all that requires their attention. An Imperial Inquisitor named DROGAN needs help securing an experimental POWER SOURCE, before the Orks do so themselves.
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine releases on Xbox360, PS3 and PC, 9th September, 2011.
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