Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Trailer & Hands-On: 7 Things We Learned

The story might be stiff and unpolished, but gameplay is as solid as ever. 

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

Though we've known about the game for a few months now, the brand new trailer and downloadable story demo for Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite has helped flesh out some details about this latest entry before it launches in September.

It's a welcome surprise, as Capcom could have thrown out another short teaser and let gamers chew on that. The meaty demo, though, has helped quell speculation, allay some concerns, and raise an entirely different set of questions.

We've gotten confirmation of an intricate story mode, a new inclusion to Marvel Vs. Capcom (something commentators are already comparing to Injustice 2), and a peek at the cast of characters that will be available in the final version. We also got to test out the gameplay, which seems similar to its predecessors but tweaked in a few key areas (some of the new mechanics have potential).

That's not all, however, as the revelations have done just as much to invite criticism as they have to hype up eager fans. Though we can't say for certain whether this will be the MvC fans have been hoping for, we can highlight the biggest takeaways (both positive and negative) from this recent deluge of information.

7. Of Course There's A Collector's Edition

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite

At this point, should anyone be surprised that publishers are still trying to hook consumers with marked up "collector's editions" of their base titles?

The benefits of spending the extra money may seem dubious to a large swath of gamers, but enough purchase them to make the practice lucrative enough for companies to keep it going. Let's take the "Gamestop Edition," for instance.

What comes with this supposed "low-price guarantee?"

For PS4 owners, it includes 4 unique character outfits: Warrior Thor (shirtless), Gladiator Hulk (complete with Centurion helmet), Evil Ryu (white hair and glowing violet flames), and Command Mission X (Megaman with a cool cape). To sweeten the pot, Capcom is also including 4 diorama statues with the collector's edition (Iron Man, Chun-Li, Captain Marvel, and Mega Man X) along with a set of replica Infinity Stones.

Admittedly, purchasing a set of 1/10th scale figures separately might be costly, but, unless you're a die-hard collector, is all this worth $200? Probably not, as the only in-game content included are the extra costumes. Most gamers will probably be just fine waiting until the game is out to see if they like it. Chances are those special outfits make their way into a DLC pack or "ultimate edition" of MvCI at some point down the line.


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