Marvel's Avengers: 8 Things Fans Demand

How to match Insomniac's Spider-Man.


On June 24th, fans of the upcoming Crystal Dynamics game, Marvel's Avengers were given a thirty-minute in-depth look into the game's story, gameplay, specific modes and character customization. Building a rather decent overall presentation, it finally left fans either truly excited... or completely unenthusiastic.

While not too much of the story was revealed aside from some side characters and locations, the plot seems to be shaping up to be a pretty generic world-saving story. Though of course there is still plenty of room for some exciting reveals and plot twists that could be awaiting players.

The presentation itself primarily focused on finally giving fans actual gameplay trailers, as well as in-depth discussions on gear and character customization, plus a first look at how the game will handle multiplayer.

With so much shown off in the first Avenger's War Table and so much still unknown about the game, fans have a lot they wish was in the game or that could be explained in more detail. Perhaps these wishes will be granted in the game or its future updates, but nonetheless here are some things fans hope will appear in the first real Avengers game.


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