Marvel's Avengers Game: 12 Secrets, Easter Eggs & References Explained

Wakanda forever.

Crystal Dynamics

There might be a lot wrong with Marvel's Avengers, but one thing I don't think can be denied is that the team at Crystal Dynamics LOVE these characters.

The story - which seems to be receiving the lion's share of praise directed towards the game - offers a sincere look into Marvel fandom, and the impact superheroes can have, all through the eyes of Kamala Khan, a beloved comic book character who's been catapulted to the frontline by taking on a starring role.

Crystal's interpretation of the Marvel Universe does have its hiccups, but filled to the brim with winks, nods and references to the source material. Some easter eggs tease the arrival of future characters, while others merely pay homage to the stories that inspired it.

Perhaps most interesting are the easter eggs that clue players in on the finer details of the universe, providing little kernels of information that really help flesh out its past and hint at a grander, more expansive world for us to (hopefully) explore in the months and years to come.

Avengers might not be as filled to the brim with references as Spider-Man PS4 or the Batman: Arkham titles, but it's guaranteed to get a smile out of fans who recognise them all the same.


SPOILER WARNING for the final entry!

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