Marvel's Avengers Is An Absolute Mess

There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people. It didn't work.

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When Marvel's Avengers was first announced in January of 2017, Marvel fans were understandably quite excited. Despite the monumental success of the Avengers film franchise and Marvel Cinematic Universe, there had been no video game to capitalise on the Earth's Mightiest Heroes re-emergence.

Who wouldn't want a game where you could play as some of Marvel's greatest heroes? Even before the MCU's huge success it was quite an exciting prospect. Sadly when you fast forward to 2020's launch, Marvel's Avengers is not at all what anyone expected it to be.

Ever since the beta the game has been fending off against criticisms on every front. Fans voiced disappointment towards the stale gameplay, terrible optimisation and for pushing a service model rather than letting the game just focus on a great Avengers story.

With the game having been out for over a month now, many of the same issues that plagued the beta still remain. But even if all the technical issues could be put aside, Marvel's Avengers is still quite a disappointing experience.

It's made even worse because you can tell that this game could've been fantastic if it wasn't made to be a game as a service. The story is fantastic, the characterisation is easily one of the best parts of the game and the combat can actually be really quite fun at times. Sometimes parts of the game feel like it wasn't meant to be packaged as a game as a service, but it was maybe changed during development, likely due to the monetary success of other service games such as Fortnite and Destiny.

But what's actually makes this game such a frustrating mess? Spoilers for the game ahead.


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