Mass Effect 4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Dragon Age: Inquisition

The popular sci-fi series could learn a thing or two from Bioware's latest.

Mass Effect 3 was one of Bioware€™s most controversial games. Following the near universal acclaim for Mass Effect 2, expectations were incredibly high for Bioware to deliver the spectacular ending fans were promised. While Mass Effect 3 was a good game in its own right, certain design choices were clearly influenced by corporate interests, and this left many fans feeling betrayed. For the first time faith in the developer was shaken. Some of the more extreme fans even declared that they would never purchase another of their games again.

Enter Dragon Age: Inquisition. In a time where the video game industry is being infested with shameful business practices and a lack of transparency, Inquisition is a reminder of why people play video games. In terms of sheer scope and wealth of things to do it is the biggest game of 2014. Its diverse characters and world building are second to none. Not only is it one of the best games of the year, in many ways it is one of Bioware€™s best games. What does this have to do with Mass Effect you may ask? Well, if Inquisition is anything to go by, then the Mass Effect series appears to be in more than capable hands. For anyone still sore over the Mass Effect 3 debacle, playing Inquisition is a must. It shows that, even with all the changes that have transpired over the years, Bioware continues to make some of the best video games. Dragon Age: Inquisition is so good that the next Mass Effect could learn a thing or two from its design choices. Given the sour note the series last left off on, a lot is riding on the success of the upcoming Mass Effect 4. Here are some of the things the next Mass Effect should learn from Dragon Age: Inquisition in order to make the best game possible.

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