Mass Effect 5 Wishlist: 10 Major Risks Bioware MUST Take

Bringing back the finest sci-fi franchise of all.


BioWare seems to be on its knees right now, but all it will take is one great game to get them back on top. After Andromeda and Anthem both flopped, the developers need to claw back some credibility, and fast.

Dragon Age 4 is apparently next on the cards, but that is slightly insulated from blowback due to Dragon Age: Inquisition being BioWare’s last great game. Fans are a little concerned, certainly, but Mass Effect is the title which really feels in danger.

If BioWare is brave enough to go again, they’ll have to take some major risks.

Neither Andromeda nor Anthem were irredeemable, but in a world where games are either great or terrible, both games had enough wrong with them to land on the scrap heap. Anthem had far too many dull spots, including a ridiculous midgame grind to stretch things out, and literally set consoles on fire.

Likewise, Andromeda’s buggy facial animations made it an internet laughing stock. It’s actually fun in places, although the uninspired story didn’t help and the characters were short of the original trilogy’s quality. Hopefully the fifth will right those wrongs.

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