Mass Effect Andromeda: 10 Impressions From The First 10 Hours

2017's first AAA flop?

Mass effect andromeda

The highly-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda begins its worldwide rollout on March 21st, but EA Access members are now able to play 10 hours of the game ahead of its full release (gated to the end of the first campaign planet, while the entire multiplayer mode is unlocked).

Well, the floodgates have opened, and it's nothing if not fascinating to observe the diverse reactions to the trial. Pre-orders have been cancelled, memes have begun circulating, and the hardcore crowd continues to insist that nothing at all is wrong.

Many expected Andromeda to be an apology for the mess that was the previous game, but going by how divided fans already seem by it, this could be yet another unfortunate stumbling block for the franchise.

It'll be interesting to see how this initial reaction compares to the eventual critical consensus, but either way, props to EA for granting trial access to one of the year's most-awaited AAA games, especially as they surely must have been aware of how flawed the end result seems to be.


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