Mass Effect Andromeda: 15 Hidden Easter Eggs & Secrets You Need To Find

15. The Falcon Heavy Rocket (SpaceX)

mass effect andromeda spacex

Space travel pioneer company and all-round future-tech whizzes SpaceX are being tipped the nod quite liberally in Mass Effect Andromeda. Just head into Ryder's private quarters on the Tempest (lower floor, underneath the cockpit) and you'll find an item that shows up as 'SpaceX Rocket Model'.

This is clearly modelled on the real-world Falcon Heavy, the still-in-testing rocket that will be the latest attempt to explore the depths of our own solar system. In Mass Effect though, that dream has already come true, as after you've picked up the model, head into your Codex and read the new entry.

It goes:

"In the early 21st century, a private company called SpaceX pioneered efforts in sustainable space travel by developing a reusable launch system. It revolutionized the field as the first entity, government or private, to successfully launch and then safely recover an orbital booster rocket intact, allowing it to be reused in future launches. Reusable hardware placed lower-cost, sustainable space travel within reach.

Galvanized by SpaceX’s achievements, a renaissance in space exploration followed. Reusable launch system technology later became pivotal in establishing the European Space Agency’s first permanent settlement on Mars, Lowell City, in 2103."

Also note, Lowell City was an unlockable location you could visit from the original Mass Effect. Bioware really did think of everything.

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