Mass Effect Andromeda: 15 Hidden Easter Eggs & Secrets You Need To Find

9. Find, Catch And Keep The Legendary Space Hamster (Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect)

Talk about your deep cuts, any longtime Bioware fan will recognise the "space hamster" as a reference goes as far back as Boo in Baldur's Gate, where a character called Minsc also took care of a tiny rodent companion.

In Andromeda, head to the kitchen and you'll find a smattering of crumbs, leading to the triggering of a quest if you scan them in. From here just locate two more piles of food, and you'll unlock the ability to craft a 'humane' mouse trap.

This results in capturing your very own space hamster, which you can then choose to keep in your quarters, though sadly, you can't name him Boo.

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