Mass Effect Andromeda Review: 3 Ups & 8 Downs


8. A Lot Of The Original Team Have Left, And It Shows

Mass Effect Andromeda

One of the most immediate things you'll notice is how Andromeda is far less Star Trek and way more Guardians of the Galaxy - or rather, it's less the Star Trek of old, and entirely that of Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond.

Which is to say, Bioware have now 'got jokes', and a good 90% of them fall flat or are totally forgettable. Outside the tonal shift, it's important to note that Andromeda was developed by Mass Effect 3's multiplayer team, stepping up to bat for their first triple-A release.

Such a turnover goes some way to explaining why there are so many issues with bugs and glitches, but in the time between Mass Effect 3 and now, Bioware has lost a number of key personnel who made Mass Effect what it was. Executive producer Casey Hudson, senior editor Cameron Harris, writer Chris Schlerf and senior development director, Chris Wynn - all of these and more were instrumental in the writing and conceptual processes of the original trilogy.

Without them, this former multiplayer team had to make the best of what was left, and although they did get writers Drew Karpyshyn and Mac Walters to carry over, the overall 'feel' and characterful drive of those older games is very rarely present.

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