Mass Effect Andromeda Review: 3 Ups & 8 Downs

6. The Archon & Kett Are Incredibly Uninspired

mass effect andromeda the archon

In almost like an anti-spoiler, there's nothing to reveal about the Archon, because next to nothing is written about him.

Rather than Bioware take the time to craft a multifaceted, brainwashed villain like Saren or a duplicitous foe like The Illusive Man, we get a deep-voiced, monologuing, 'can't-stop-talking-about-how-he-wants-everything-to-BURN' cookie-cutter instead. Even after the credits have rolled you'll know no more about the Archon than before, and a potential plot line delving into how he's experimenting on every single race to create the 'perfect specimen' is totally dropped.

This extends to the Kett, who are literally (in gameplay terms) just armoured humanoids. They brand rifles, they take cover, they talk in grunts - there's nothing to them other than a metaphor for - in the worlds of The Witcher 3 - "Poor f*cking infantry".

I will say this: Andromeda does let you attempt to talk to them peacefully when you first meet - unlike what a lot of coverage has stated - though things go sideways immediately after, and never return. A huge missed opportunity, given humanity's place in this new galaxy.

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Gaming Editor

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