Mass Effect: New Fan-Film "Archangel" Is Coming Soon

Even though Mass Effect's movie is long from being released, I have found the next best thing...

Preliminary predictions from the teaser trailer suggest that the film would be from the perspective of a mysterious Blue Suns Turian who was featured heavily. Yet I have it confirmed from the fan-film€™s creator himself, ACAVYOS, that the film will indeed be focused on Garrus Vakarian and what€™s more, there is even the possibility that Brandon Keener himself (the original voice actor for Garrus) may be getting involved, but this remains unconfirmed. Garrus is the young disillusioned C-Sec detective who turns away from the restrictions of law and order to become an infamous vigilante to fight injustice on Omega. However, according to ACAVYOS, the Blue Suns Turian, named Vazar, will have €œan important impact on the story€ so it€™s safe to say we€™ll be seeing a lot of him, yet he also adds that Vazar will €˜not be the main antagonist,€™ which leaves us the question €“ who is?

archangel___vazar_and_blue_suns_by_acavyos-d5oqfh9 The feature fan-film will show Garrus€™ exact motivations for finally leaving the Citadel after the Normandy€™s destruction at the beginning of Mass Effect 2, detailing the events up to the point when he becomes the infamous Archangel as we know him. For obvious reasons, ACAVYOS hasn't revealed any spoilers however he has let us know that €œthere will be some familiar faces and encounters that will make the audience smile.€ It therefore could be easily speculated that we will be seeing some cameo roles from some of Commander Shepard€™s ME1 squadmates, perhaps even the queen of Omega herself, Aria T€™Loak, or the Turian traitor, Sidonis. But these are just speculations - I guess we€™ll just have to wait and find out. ACAVYOS also makes a note that his fan-film will be set before the ME: Homeworlds comic, which covers Garrus€™ story when he€™s running around with the alias Archangel, in order to avoid clashing, or even altering, with the canon chronology. He has no desire for Archangel to become part of the canon, yet considering how amazing the trailer looks at the Alpha stage, there should be no reason why it shouldn't be considered. So, why the specific interest in Garrus? Well, apart from being part of the Mass Effect franchise from the beginning, ACAVYOS said he €œespecially liked when his character developed from a disillusioned C-Sec detective to a brave and resolute vigilante who fights injustice on lawless Omega.€ Personally, Garrus came into his own in ME2 and when he takes off his helmet for the first time, I couldn't help but smile at his return. There is definitely no doubt that Garrus also had a big effect on ACAVYOS throughout his own journey. He talks about the €œmentor and apprentice relationship between Shepard and him,€ and how he€™s €œalways your back,€ becoming one of the greatest bromances in sci-fi history (or romance, if you played as Femshep). €œI wished there was already a good film about Archangel€ he says, €œbut there isn€™t, so I take matters into my own hands€to give Archangel the great recognition and story that he deserves.€ Thinking ahead, ACAVYOS already plans on €œcreating two more feature-length fan-films€called €œFirst Contact War€ and €œElysium,€ taking very significant moments in Mass Effect€™s history. For those of you not familiar with the history, the First Contact War was between the Systems Alliance and the Turian Empire around the time humanity first discovered the Mass Relays. ACAVYOS says that it will focus on a €œyoung David Anderson€ while the second will focus on the Skyllian Blitz, centred around how a, well-known, young Alliance solider becomes a legendary Commander throughout the galaxy. (I shouldn€™t need to say who!) His intention is to gain lots of experience while working on the first project €œto create more high-quality fan-films€ in the future, but judging from what we€™ve seen already, and comparing it to other fan-films dotted around the internet, ACAVYOS€™ perception of high-quality must be a fully-fledged, blockbuster movie. For those of you who seek to get more involved, ACAVYOS is looking for both voice actors and music composer. If you€™re interested, follow this link for more details. Archangel is expected to be released late Summer 2013, however due to the magnitude of the project, don€™t be surprised or disappointed if it€™s delayed for the end of the year. Are you excited by this news? Sound off in the comments, and click next to read the 10 Greatest Outraged Fan Responses To Mass Effect 3.
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