Mass Effect Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Trilogy?

Almost 12 years since the first game's release, can you tell your Turians from your Asari?


One of the greatest sci-fi trilogies of all time, Mass Effect is fully cemented as video game legend for a variety of reasons.

Regardless of your thoughts on the ending, the trilogy is remembered for its vast world-building, intricate lore, interesting squad mates and its space-Casanova protagonist: Commander Shepard.

The three games take you on journeys to many planets and settlements, let you make or break your companion's hearts, leave a friend behind to save another, and even use dodgy "Paragon" practices to access discounts in your favourite Citadel stores.

From humble beginnings on Eden Prime to taking on the Reapers in the middle of London with your trusted team at hand, how much do you remember from this epic space opera trilogy?

1. The Drell Share Which Other Race's Homeworld?


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