Men In Black: Alien Crisis Coming To Consoles May 25th

Black Suits Comin' to Xbox, PS3 and Wii on May 25th.

Sadly, my preconceptions of any Men In Black game are haunted by the memories of playing the horrendous PS1 tie-in to Barry Sonnenfeld's 1997 original. The very first level has you walking around an apartment and defusing bombs, while an impossible to control Will Smith impersonator delivered John McLane style quips - I never made it past this first bit. I'll give Activision the benefit of the doubt that their tie-in to the upcoming Men In Black 3 will be less of a soul sucking affair. Released May 25th for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, Men In Black: Alien Crisis will have players taking control of Peter Delacoeur - a trainee MIB Agent who is assigned to help uncover a sinister Alien plot to destroy Earth. Described by Activision as a "High Octane Action-Oriented Experience" the shooter will also be compatible with the Top Shot Elite Peripheral, as well as Playstation Move and the Wii Zapper. MIB Alien Crisis will also allow for two-player split screen and a turn based "hot seat" mode for competitive battles on the same console. Working alongside the filmmakers, Activision have also confirmed that the game will contain some familiar faces as well as allowing players to "Employ MIB investigative techniques" and "Wield an awesome assortment of alien firepower". Considering that the game launches next month, you can expect more shortly. For now, take a look at the recently revealed list of features below. 3rd Person Combat Tactics: Dodge and take cover as you battle hostile aliens in this action-packed, 3rd person rail shooter. Investigation and Interrogation: Players must obtain vital intelligence by examining locations and interrogating suspects. Nothing is What it Seems: Aliens often use clever disguises. Employ MIB investigative techniques to detect hidden threats. Diverse and Customizable Weapons: Wield an awesome assortment of alien firepower including MIB classics like the "Noisy Cricket" and unique firing modes such as "freeze rays" and "antigravity grenades." High Octane Action-Oriented Experience: Pursue and escape fierce aliens in intense cinematic chase sequences. Men In Black: Alien Crisis is released for Xbox, PS3 and Wii on May 25th.
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