Metro: Last Light Live Action Trailer Lands A Nuclear Punch

Short live action film released to set the story for THQ's post-nuclear shooter adventure.

Ahead of next year's release, THQ have released an excellent looking live action short film that depicts the Nuclear attack which forced Moscow's citizens to move underground into the city's Metro tunnels some 20 years before the game.
The Moscow Metro. A monumental feat of Soviet engineering, with a dark secondary purpose - to serve as a refuge in the event of an atomic attack. As the Cold War thawed and the threat of nuclear annihilation seemed to fade, this purpose was forgotten €“ except by a few, waiting for the signal, ready to open the vaults... the last refuge for the remnants of mankind. Great stuff. But what do you think? Are you looking forward to the release? Let us know below. The game, which is a sequel to 2010's Metro 2033, promises a number of improvements, including a completely rebuilt enemy AI system, more weaponry and a new and improved combat system. Everything we have seen so far points towards a good release, and though the development team have also promised more accessibility, they have stressed that that will not come at a cost to deep gameplay, as THQ's Head of Global Communications for original shooter IPs - Huw Beynon - told this month's issue of OXM:
"There are lots of complex gameplay elements, and combined they really add to a richness that people really responded well to, so we're determined to keep all of those aspects. People like complexity, and gamers aren't stupid: They don't need to be held by the hand all the time, and they like to explore new game play mechanics. At the same time though, accessibility isn't the same as dumbing down. Dumbing down is when you strip all of that stuff out and say let's keep it simple. What we want to do instead is introduce these mechanics better, and weave them into the narrative more. Don't dump them on the player all at once, and let them get comfortable with ideas one at a time, and they'll gradually realise a wealth of new options."
Metro: Last Light will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Wii U in 2013.
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