Metro Last Light: Making Of Live Action Film

Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes documentary for how they created "Enter the Metro".

Metro 2033 is a game that nearly perfects creating an eerie, tense, and dangerous game world. Shadows around you have the power to induce fear in you by forcing your imagination to question whether what lies in wait is a hideously deformed creature, or another human waiting to murder you. With Metro: Last Light, 4A Games is aiming to add on to the intense atmosphere and push the narrative of the tale even further. After releasing a live-action trailer in order to promote the game, the team behind the video has unveiled a special behind the scenes documentary. The mini-doc describes the efforts of the crew to create an amazing trailer that blends in-game visuals with real world footage to capture the essence of Metro's narrative. The team reveals that the entire trailer was shot on location in Kyiv, Ukraine. The cast included more than 150 people, many of which were members of the 4A team, and forced them out into the sub-freezing temperatures of the Ukraine. "Enter the Metro's" documentary provides a great range of insight into the creation of the trailer, and fans will no doubt appreciate the effort of the crew. Check out the full documentary below, and be sure you let us know your thoughts on the Metro series in the comments section at the bottom of the page!
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