Metroid Dread: 10 Best Secrets You Must Find

Wanna get upgrades sooner?

Metroid dread

While Metroid fans were waiting to hear more tantalising details about Prime 4 this year, Nintendo dropped a bombshell in June by revealing a trailer for Metroid Dread - a game believed cancelled over a decade ago.

Not only did this announcement come out of nowhere, fans were shocked to learn they only had to wait four months to get their hands on the next entry in the series.

And when this 2D adventure-platformer was finally released, it was met with acclaim from pretty much everyone. But it wasn't just the fluid gameplay and inventive mechanics that won players over. After only a few weeks, fans are already obsessing about the deeply guarded secrets that Dread has to offer, including techniques to skip boss fights or clues that give away key plot points.

But the shortcuts and tricks that gamers were really excited about was the ones that weren't intentional. Did you know you don't need the Flash-Shift at all? Are you aware you can get some upgrades way sooner than you're meant to? Did you realise you can make one of the bosses disappear?

Although there's bound to be more secrets squirrelled away, here's ten you probably didn't know about hidden in Metroid Dread.

10. You Can Make The Underwater Boss Disappear

Metroid dread

Underwater bosses in adventure games have a habit of sucking. However, Drogyga from Metroid Dread is a pretty elaborate and creative and diverse enemy. During your scrap, you'll need to use the Grapple Beam, swing on the magnetic ceiling, blast switches, and shoot this sea monster's core while avoiding its projectiles and tentacles.

But if Drogyga isn't your cup of tea, you can avoid this encounter entirely!

With a little backtracking, it's possible to reach the platform directly below the aquatic beast. If you reload to the last checkpoint, you will be teleported into Drogyga's lair.

However, you will notice that the leviathan is nowhere to be seen! Because this area isn't suppose to serve as a checkpoint, it's strange why the game transports you here and not the room beforehand.

It isn't certain why this happens but it's not a fluke since multiple players have used the same method to make Drogyga vanish. Since Nintendo have released a patch to correct some bugs and may release another if glitches like this persist, this one might be corrected in the foreseeable future. If you want to test it our for yourself, you better give it a go soon.


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