Metroid Dread: 9 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Get the most out of this latest Switch masterpiece.

metroid dread

Selling better than any Metroid in gaming history, Nintendo and Mercury Steam’s immaculate Metroid Dread is dominating the charts.

Though it keeps doing a back n’ forth around the top two spots with Far Cry 6 and FIFA 22, the very fact a 2D Metroid game is in such a high-value position is massive cause for celebration,

Why? Because Metroid is one of the most influential video game Its of all time. It helped birth the “item-based progression” ruleset alongside Zelda and later Castlevania, that even the likes of the Arkham series would execute from 2009 onwards. Beautifully, though Super Metroid and Samus Returns are also top-tier sequels released many years apart, this formula - when done well - is still insanely satisfying.

To that end, tons of you are clearly playing and loving this masterpiece of a title, and chances are it’ll be in the top 3 - if not top spot overall - of the year by the close of 2021.

There’s a LOT to love from awesome cutscene framing for Samus herself to just how satisfying Dread is to play on a base level, so let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of the best Switch exclusive in years.

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Gaming Editor

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