Microsoft Tries To Explain Lack of 2012 Titles

They want to put the emphasis on "quality and impact, not number of releases in a year."

Game Informer Magazine, Microsoft Studios Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer talked about why the Xbox 360 is lacking exclusive titles in 2012. He said that Microsoft wants to put the emphasis on "quality and impact, not number of releases in a year." Spencer went on to say:

"Creating core IP (intellectual property), as many first-and third-parties have seen over the years, isn't an easy thing," stated Spencer. And it's the equal amount of sweat equity and heart that he feels will drive the company's games into the future. will continue to be something that we focus on with new partners like Crytek and new people that aren't announced yet. We do think that it's fundamental that core gamers look at 360 as the place they want to play games."
Halo 4 is supposed to be released later this year as well as Fable: The Journey; but those are basically the only two major exclusives for this year. 2013 may even be worse, but my guess is they are winding down support for the Xbox 360 and gearing up for the release of a new console. I would think they would have to be working on more exclusives titles for their next generation console. There is no way they could roll out a new console with the weak number of exclusives they have been releasing the past few years and still expect a new console to survive. I just don't see the casual consumers buying another console so soon; meaning gamers will have to be the ones to initially buy the next generation console. But gamers need a reason to support the console or they will look somewhere else to provide a true gaming experience and not just a media center. What do you think, is Microsoft slowing down production on exclusive games for the Xbox 360 because they will be releasing a new console within two years; or will Microsoft continue it's move away from exclusive titles the next generation as well?


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