Minecraft 360 1.8.2 Update & Creative Mode Coming Next Week?

4J Studios have apparently been doing their best recently to whip up XBox 360-playing Minecraft fans into a frenzy ahead of the long-anticipated and even longer-hinted-at release of the 1.8.2 Update for the mega-selling XBox Live Arcade game, which has now passed an astonishing 4 million sales. The game is also the most played title on XBox LIVE behind the behemoth that is Black Ops and has broken a number of records to become the best-selling LIVE Arcade title ever. Taking to their official Twitter, 4J Studios confirmed the sales figures on Sunday... Those sales are certainly impressive, but the question on more Minecraft 360's lips is not how many copies are being sold, but when the 1.8.2 Update will land, bringing Creative Mode as well as a raft of other new features including new enemies, Strongholds, Abandoned Mineshafts, the hunger mechanic and new food, and the ability to sprint among other new additions. Ahead of the announcement of the sales figures, 4J also released the tweet below, confirming that they expected to be able to send it to Microsoft Certification early next week. If that is indeed true, that could mean that the wait is almost finally over for Minecraft 360 fans who have been banging their heads waiting for the update, as it gives them at least a suggestion of the sort of time-frame they can expect for the update. It usually takes around a week or a fortnight for an update to see release once it has been sent to Microsoft for certification, so we might see the update as early as next week, given that the suggested time-frame has the update in Microsoft's hands now. The only thing that slightly throws a spanner into the works is that 4J confirmed on Twitter that they would be releasing a full breakdown of what we can expect in the 1.8.2 Update as soon as it had been sent to Microsoft, and that information is rather conspicuous by its absence. So it seems we might yet have to wait longer to get to enjoy Creative Mode. What do you think Minecraft 360 fans? Are you sick of waiting? Share your thoughts below.
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