Mirror's Edge 2: 5 Essential Features We Want To See

5 things the sequel simply can't go without.

1. Open World

A common feature of any Mirror's Edge 2 fan wishlist. The combination of Faith's moveset and the game's unique art are a perfect combo for some open world mayhem. Okay, well maybe not mayhem but something close. An open world map could give the players more choice in how they tackle missions and how to reach destinations. Advanced players could pull off crazy stuff up the side of buildings while new players can just walk into the elevator and press the button. A game like Mirror's should have options and allow for a variety of tactics, not just the linear paths of the original game. Also, open world games usually have side missions, and Faith's background as a courier could be a cool option for players.

2. More Combat Moves

The combat from the first game was bit clunky and got you killed most times, even if it was DICE's intention. ME2 could do with a few new moves to help players take down foes and feel bad ass. For starts, group disarms or a jump punch that stuns enemies would be handy, as well as a small knife to assist in kills. If an enemy's hand glows red in combat, pressing the disarm button would pull off a counter move that knocks the combatant out. And last but not least, pushing guys of buildings is always a pleasure.

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